kathryn daviesCarlotta exudes a beautiful balance of compassion, grace and penetrative insight. I always feel held, heard and seen during our sessions. Whatever problem or issue I present, she integrates, dismantles and shines back to me with new, higher perspective, surrounded by love and wisdom.
– Kathryn Davis (London, UK)


vaishnavi brasseyCarlotta is a warrior of the most womanly kind! Her unflinching focus is embraced with deep tenderness; her gentle insistence on truth is founded on wildly courageous self-exploration. A woman who walks her talk, who has tested the very edges of her being and knows the territory. What better guide could I ask for?
-Vaishnavi Brassey (Kerala, India)


julia moraCarlotta brings a presence that is both soft and deep. Using her gentle demeanor, and exquisite attention, she was able to help me unearth my most buried blocks. Spanning a vast background of traditions, she has the most gentle, penetrating wisdom and healing I have ever experienced.
-Julia Mora (Los Angeles, CA)


tara schlenerCarlotta’s work is extraordinary. She helped me to break through old patterns in order to achieve my goals in both work and love. Her technique is powerful and enables her to get to the core of the issues to be healed. She is also extremely intuitive which helps speed the process of inner healing and awakening. I highly recommend working with her if you are ready for big shifts in your life.
-Tara Schlener (Santa Barbara, CA)

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