Single Sessions



I draw from different healing traditions, using sounds and shamanic tools, to focus on clearing and activation of your ancient feminine power.

These sessions are to awaken the new feminine within you that knows the strength of her heart and her womb. She is the part of you that is already sovereign in her own being and committed to living a life of purpose. She is your inner masculine and feminine coming together. She is the awakened body, fully self-contained, empowered and connected, living from a place of abundance and bliss.

Over time these sessions will teach you to access the infinite orgasmic life force of the cosmos and bring it into your body, so that you may awaken your ability to heal and create. Whether you chose to use this empowerment for your life or to heal others, my desire is that you take this knowledge into the world through your very presence. Your magnetism will speak for itself.



* Womb clearing
* Heart activation
* Attunement of your energy field
* Alignment with Earth energy
* Access to your bigger vision, your essence
* Release of blocks keeping you from living your truth
* Practical tools to integrate the healing into your everyday life
* Guidance with recognizing your creation song and how to bring your unique medicine into the world


1 hour 30 min | $195 Skype or $225 in Ojai (in person) | Pay before session:





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