Mentorship with me is an opportunity to go deep into alchemical transformation and own your feminine power.

The focus is on profound womb healing and support in coming back to your natural cycles of conception, gestation and birth.

I work with people who already know they are magical creatures yet are weighed down by the feeling that they have somehow forgotten, or that their superpowers belonged to another lifetime, another realm.

I work with people who are wildly imaginative and yet lack the confidence to inhabit their medicine and shine from the inside out.

My clients are often women who no longer feel fulfilled by the ascending paths that they have traveled. Mostly these are philosophies of purification, of love and light where the shadow is neglected, and therefore so is your real power or ability to effect change in this world.

The container lasts for 3 months. You will learn how to channel cosmic and earth energy through your body, connect to your magical womb space and practice the rituals and tools that will allow you to flourish as your own medicine woman.
Sessions focus on coaching, womb healing, shamanic clearing, and activation of your ancient feminine power, with alchemical exercises in between sessions to help you metabolize your growth.

As your orgasmic pulse flows through your womb and your heart, your whole being blossoms. You will find within you a source of stability, renewed connection in relationships…and with your whole system coming online, the magnetism you need to CREATE.

Whether you want to create a new business, complete an artistic project or have a baby, coming back to your earthy, sensual, primal essence, will allow you to move through life with grace and create from a place of power.



“All the places where you feel stuck, disconnected, hurt or out of balance, are all energetically held in the womb. A healthy womb space can bring you peace, nourishment, power, intuition, freedom of expression, fertility and connection.

It takes courage to go into the shadow and the chaos, and yet here is where your vast potential for growth lies, by alchemizing these parts of yourself into wholeness. This is why containers work for womb healing. The more you are held, the deeper you will be able to heal.”




* Feel they need support within a particular cycle or transition in their life
* Feel they have lost their creative flow
* Desire more connection and intimacy in relationships
* Would like support connecting to the soul of their child
* Would like to prepare for a conscious or orgasmic birth
* Would like to access ancestral healing or healing of the mother wound
* Want to discover their most authentic voice
* Feel stuck even though they’ve already done a lot of work
* Have had surgery or health issues around their womb and sacral area


I only work with people who I know I can serve at my best and who in turn profoundly inspire me. I want to work with you because you already know your magic and power to create in this world, are determined to fully wake up, and you want a spiritual midwife to help you cross the threshold.

A thirty-minute phone consultation is a perfect opportunity for us to connect deeply. If it is a match and you are offered a place in the program, the investment for 3 months is $1800.





Join our monthly event, Resource Space , in Ojai on Feb 28.