Who is the Modern Medicine Woman?


Womb wisdom is the most ancient of the feminine mysteries, and it is one of the last to be revealed in the modern age. Its secrets have been kept guarded…until now.

The way of the womb was practiced in ancient cultures by Medicine Women, Priestesses and Shamanesses, who were the keepers of the feminine rites. They were present at each new cycle of birth, death and rebirth, guiding women through the most pivotal moments of their lives.

I’m Carlotta Mastrojanni and I am a medicine woman, in the modern sense of the word. I support women on their journey of Creation, bringing together modern and ancestral wisdom on sexuality, empowerment and birth.

Whether you are creating a baby, a project or a new identity, I can help you come back to a healthy womb space by bringing this center of nourishment and creative power back online.

Welcome to the Modern Medicine Woman community. It is a place for women, mothers, doulas, midwives and birth workers to find the resources to bring about a new feminine wave. May you find the resources here to empower your way back to wholeness.

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Womb healing can happen on many different levels; emotional, physical and energetic, because a lot of what you are, your history, is contained in your womb. One thing is certain though, a healthy womb space is essential for birthing anything.

Through the process of inner alchemy, I will guide you to find and nourish the pulse in your womb, to unlock the most joyous and authentic version of yourself. This pulse is a concentrated nucleus of living, fertile, vibrant aliveness and sensual power, which once released, floods your whole system with nourishment. When the womb space is clear, it is possible to reclaim your health, your boundaries, your magnetism and your ability to Create.

You will find that in getting to know your womb, you will get to know your own particular wild magic and unique medicine. You may reclaim your natural powers of sensing and feeling, and reconnect with the orgasmic rhythm of life that flows through you and all of nature.

In harnessing this inner essence, you become your own healer. From this place of being whole, you can heal others simply by being you and the power of creation will be at your fingertips.

“Your creation song is pulsing in your womb.
It is your own unique medicine.”

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