Womb wisdom is the most ancient of the feminine mysteries, and it is one of the last to be revealed in the modern age. Its secrets have been kept guarded…until now.

The way of the womb was practiced in ancient cultures by Medicine Women, Priestesses and Shamanesses, who were the keepers of the feminine rites. They were present at each new cycle of birth, death and rebirth, guiding women through the most pivotal moments of their lives.

I’m Carlotta Mastrojanni and I am a medicine woman, in the modern sense of the word. With a bit of extra alchemical flare and sensual glamour. I have been immersed for over 10 years in shamanic woman craft, I’ve taught kundalini yoga and orgasmic practices and I have reveled in bringing what I have learnt about the feminine mysteries together in one place, so that you can access this knowledge in a lot less time than I did!

I have lived in the Middle East, India, Europe and the US. Throughout my life as a documentary filmmaker, I filmed in very remote areas and had the chance to sit around many fires with elders. All of this knowledge is in my bones and it is infused in everything I teach. I am a woman navigating my own healing whilst being here to support you in navigating yours. My mission is to remind you of the innate shamanic potential that lies within each and every one of you, so that you may live from an awakened heart and body.



I will show you how to find and nourish the pulse in your womb, to unlock the most joyous and authentic version of yourself. This pulse is a concentrated nucleus of living, fertile, vibrant aliveness and sensual power, which once released, floods your whole system so you can reclaim your magnetic self and live in freedom as a profoundly effective medicine woman in this world.

Each woman has their own particular wild magic and unique medicine. Once you have reclaimed your natural shamanic powers as a woman, and reconnected with the orgasmic rhythm of life that flows through you and all of nature, you will be able to harness your medicine and become your own healer. From this place of being whole, you will be able to heal others simply by being you and the power of creation will be at your fingertips.



“Your creation song is pulsing in your womb.
It is your own unique medicine.”





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