Sacred Relationships - The MMW
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Sacred Relationships

All relationships are an attempt for us to harmonize our different polarities and smooth out our edges to find greater peace on the other side. Therefore, through the art of relationship we begin to understand ourselves.

But often we become overwhelmed, shocked or dismayed; and close down, withdraw, run or hide. And yet what would happen if we had the tools to stay and do the ‘work’ that it takes to get better at love. It is not just something that we should automatically know how to do. Relationships are often the hardest thing for us to navigate. And as such, they can be a playground for practice and eventually, a crucible for healing.

This is why to me, relationships can be seen as a practice. Not always easy, for sure, but if we are willing to stay in it, and stay connected moment by moment, the benefits and liberation we reap are endless.

The divine masculine and divine feminine thus can find a resting place born of mutual respect and harmony, where there is equality and open communication as we journey through life side by side in an ever deepening and opening dance.