Inner Alchemy - The MMW
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Inner Alchemy

The natural elements and sexual energy are amongst the most powerful tools for awakening we possess…and they already exist inside of us.

They are the life force, the chi that runs through our veins. The ‘stuff’ that everything is made of. When we are able to harness sexual energy in our bodies we can witness deep transformation occur. Our bodies become an alchemical vessel, whilst our sexual energy becomes the heat that is needed to transform the blockages inside of us and ultimately elevate us.

From the Pleiadians to the Ancient Egyptians, Taoists to Native Americans, various forms of Tantra have always been used as a powerful means of transmutation and transformation, capable of bestowing on the practitioner powers of consciousness along the path of spiritual development. This magic can occur not only through sex but also through simply living our truth; and igniting our orgasm through meditations, visualizations, breath and awareness.

Who would we be if we could live shamelessly embodying the divine, sexual, magical creatures that we are, knowing that accessing our essence and authentic nature is precisely what will heal us and bring us into profoundly fulfilling relation with everything?