What Is Womb Wisdom? - The MMW
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What Is Womb Wisdom?

secret-fire-C-photoWomb wisdom is the most ancient of the feminine mysteries, and it is one of the last to be revealed in the modern age. Its secrets have been kept guarded…until now.

The way of the womb was practiced in ancient cultures by Medicine Women, Priestesses and Shamanesses, who were the keepers of the feminine rites. They were present at each new cycle of birth, death and rebirth, guiding women through the most pivotal moments of their lives.

The love alchemy healing lab and The School of Magdalene allow you to reconnect to your womb. A healthy womb space can bring you peace, nourishment, power, intuition, freedom of expression, fertility and connection.

All the places where you feel stuck, disconnected, hurt or out of balance, are all energetically held in the womb. The womb’s wounds are comprised of the memories and emotions that create your mistrust of life and others.

It takes courage to go into the shadow and the chaos, and yet here is where your vast potential for growth lies, by alchemizing these parts of yourself into wholeness. This is why containers work for womb healing. The more you are held, the deeper you will be able to go.

Your creation song is pulsing in your womb. It is your own unique medicine.

Finding and nourishing that pulse, is the key to being the most joyous and authentic version of yourself. This pulse is a concentrated nucleus of living, fertile, vibrant aliveness and sensual power, which once released, floods your whole system so you can reclaim your magnetic self.

I have created a modality called Love Alchemy. Based in ancient techniques, Love Alchemy uses your own inner fire, your orgasmic life force, to activate key points in your body. Once the fire reaches your heart, Love Alchemy is in motion within your whole body, alchemizing fear into desire and allowing the womb to open like a flower.



* Feel you need support within a particular cycle or transition in your life
* Feel you have lost your creative flow
* Desire more connection and intimacy in your relationships
* Would like support for conscious child birth
* Are interested in Orgasmic Birth
* Would like to access ancestral healing or healing of the mother wound
* Want to discover your most authentic voice
* Are feeling stuck even though you’ve already done a lot of work
* Have had surgery or health issues around your sacral area


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