The School of Magdalene


If you are here, she has probably been calling you. The Magdalene is the initiate within you that knows the strength of her heart and her womb. She is the part of you that is already sovereign in her own being and committed to living a life of purpose.

The Magdalene represents your inner masculine and feminine coming together. She is the awakened body, fully self-contained, empowered and connected, living from a place of abundance and bliss.

The School of Magdalene will teach you to access the infinite orgasmic life force of the cosmos and bring it into your body, so that you may awaken your ability to heal and create. Whether you chose to use this empowerment for your life or to teach other people, my desire is that you take this knowledge into the world through your very presence. Your magnetism will speak for itself.

By providing you a strong container for growth, I will support you in this profound process of alchemical change, where your essence will be ignited, revealed and transformed. You will work with me 1:1 to learn the art of magic, healing and alchemy directly in the tradition of the Magdalene.

To begin this initiation, it is preferable that you have already worked with me in the Love Alchemy Lab. However, this is not a pre-requisite if you are already on a path of self-development.


We will meet three times a month online, for three months (9 sessions). During these sessions you will receive mentoring as well as healing. We will align the curriculum to your needs as we go along.

You will be given supporting materials throughout: videos, audio recordings, manuals, meditations, Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and mantras, and a final ceremony in Ojai where I will prepare a unique medicine experience for you.


* The art of Magic and Ritual
* Love Alchemy
* Womb Wisdom
* Orgasmic Practices
* Orgasmic Birthing
* The Hieros Gamos – ‘the sacred marriage’
* The Chakra Trail
* The alchemy of the elements
* The mysteries of the pyramids
* Rites of Nature and the Earth

The investment is $1000 per month, or $2700 if paid in full.

It is possible for you to become your own medicine woman. The secret has always been within you. This program isn’t for everyone, due to its depth. If you are feeling the call, please click the button below to fill out the Initiation form. After receiving your submission, I will contact you for an exploratory session where we will see if it’s the right fit for you.