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Love Alchemy

Whether you’re a man or a woman, your womb space is your primal center of joy, creativity and connection. Love Alchemy is a healing modality that uses your inner alchemical fire to heal your emotions and body. Each session is beneficial for increased creativity, inspiration, stability, success in loving relationships and fertility.

These online sessions, combined with homework and exercises, are a perfect first step to healing your womb and reconnecting to your unique creation song. They can help you through one cycle of life to another and bring you profound and long lasting change.


The lab is a one month container that we set in place so you can feel safe and allow your inner alchemy to do its thing. While this work is expansive and magical, it can also reach into some tough or high sensation places. As such, working within a container gives you more support and guides you through your transformation.

This monthlong container is comprised of 3 x 2hr weekly sessions, with a week’s break between Sessions 2 and 3 to metabolize. You are invited to repeat this container for up to 3 months.

You’ll be given tools and exercises, along with email and text access, to receive as much support as you need or want during the process.


Sessions can last up to 2 hours. They include in depth mentoring along with whatever energy healing is appropriate at that time. The Lab is comprised of 3 sessions per month.

You will receive:

* Womb clearing
* Heart activation
* Attunement of your energy field
* Alignment with Earth energy
* Access to your bigger vision, your essence
* Release of blocks keeping you from living your truth
* Practical tools to integrate the healing into your everyday life
* Guidance with recognizing your creation song and how to bring your unique medicine into the world

$500 per month

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