Dec 19, 2016

The Earth Speaks

The Earth speaks to us in a myriad of different ways. Our ancestors believed in an ensouled world where every bird cry and light flicker was a message from the inner soul of the world. We never had to feel alone, because everything around us was alive, brimming with consciousness and directing us through its benevolent embrace.

I used to believe in this ensouled world myself when I was a child. Yet somehow it slipped through the cracks, and became relegated to a fantasy, a dream. I was hardened by a society that didn’t have room for the wild imaginings of a child, and came home to parents who were at the end of their tether with my flights of fancy.

So I gave up on the notion that connection was everywhere. I put my pet rocks to rest and like many others, stopped talking to animals. I already knew that the world was sacred (because how could it not be, if everything was talking to me, overflowing with its own personality). But how had so many people forgotten this?

As an adult, many moons and many tribes later, I have found another pathway in to this magical undercurrent. It requires that I open myself up to the web of life and with a bit of practice and belief, an old knowing returns.

Now I can hear the earth speak through the oracle of my womb, which has come to be my innermost feeling center. My inner oracle is every trace of electricity through my skin that tells me what is happening in each moment. When I am present to this, I begin to see not just with my 5 senses but with my subtle senses too. I begin to see everything with different eyes. What I call magic is our capacity as humans to use all of our senses to see beyond the mere visible.

How to tap into this intuitive understanding is well known to indigenous societies worldwide as well as to animals. These creative, undulating fields of intelligence that connect all of life, are known to some as the song lines. They create an interactive, living, breathing network that has been the natural home of our ancestors since the beginning of time.

As a child I spent most of my free time with horses. At the time I didn’t fully understand why these majestic creatures so completely fascinated me. It was only in my 30s that I understood the extent of connection that was available with them.

Recently, a friend of mine offered me a horse therapy session. Nothing could have prepared me for the way ‘Lucy’ rocked my world. I will be forever grateful for how she shone a light on my blurry boundaries and my insidious lack of trust in such a brief encounter.

Lucy and I were put in a ring together and I was given various instructions on how to interact with her. During the most pivotal moment, I was holding her by a rope, summing up the courage to come across as commanding. The session facilitator put a huge pole in the middle of the ring with a swaying flag that spelt out the word LOVE. She asked me to retrieve it. I froze. Then I tried to edge my way forward, tugging Lucy’s rope behind me, as she nonchalantly looked in the other direction. I stared at the flag blankly. Lucy was not willing to budge and I couldn’t go without her. I was racking my brain when I realized that Lucy didn’t need commanding or attitude; she needed to ‘feel’ my own inner conviction. That’s when the penny dropped! If I couldn’t conjure up the feeling that I deserved to go ‘get love’ without doing anything for it, she wouldn’t come with me.

The facilitator didn’t miss a beat. She kept nudging me ever so lightly towards a sensitive edge. ”Does Lucy love you without you doing anything special?” I turned round to look at Lucy and tears began to swell…something told me she did. After all she had just spent the previous hour patiently by my side teaching me. I cracked. As I felt the tears roll down my cheeks and the pieces of me come back together like a jigsaw puzzle, Lucy strode straight up to me and practically pushed me over, nuzzling my neck as she breathed heavily into my face. She was ready to go get the Love flag with me, because I was willing to love myself.

But how did Lucy know? Horses reflect back to you all that is going on in your internal landscape in every moment, before you even know it. They can do this because their knowing comes directly from their bodies. Horses are the ultimate clairsentient beings. The sensations in their own bodies give them a visceral yes or no about the authenticity of any given situation. Trained therapy horses can feel into us too, by tapping into our resonance fields and mirroring our behaviors. If you don’t believe me, having a horse therapy session will show you exactly this. You’ll most likely stand by in shock as your horse does exactly the opposite of what you’re willing her to do.

All of nature is connected in this way. Yet we must first truly be present to ourselves and the shifts in our bodies to fully perceive the truth of what’s happening outside of us ‘in the field’ so to speak.

Horses live in both the spirit realm and the earth realm. As a human, it takes a little bit of muscle building to reignite this sensitivity. Yet you may soon find that, far from being in your imagination, you can feel aunt Jane’s sadness in your chest, and you do know whether your friend Kathy needs help before she reaches out for it.

There are two moments in our lives when our bodies are undeniably open to other dimensions. One is when we’re giving birth, or being born. The other is when we die. Midwives and doulas are trained to hold space for a child’s first impact into the world. Like gateway keepers in between worlds, it’s no coincidence that in indigenous cultures, midwives often hold the secrets of the Earth too.

Elders in the Sweet Medicine Sundance path tradition, a conglomeration of 13 different Native American tribes, have a saying. When a child is born, the first breath it takes lights up the chakra system, connecting it to the Father principle. The second breath occurs when the child touches its spine to the earth, connecting with the Mother principle and coming into deep resonance with Mother Earth herself.

This resonance with Mother Earth is maintained throughout the child’s life and forms an intricate web with the child’s own energy. In learning from tribes around the world, it has been no surprise to find that cultures from the Amazon rainforest to the Australian bush already possess this built-in connection and have no need to tune in to it, since they live in unison with the Earth.

In the West we have lost this resonance to the earth. Yet it is possible, through guided initiations and meditations, to be reintroduced to the pulse of Mother Earth and to return to resonance with her once again. When this fundamental relationship is re-established, a shift occurs in one’s centering, clarity, and sense of nourishment and safety.

Practice resonating with Mother Earth in this short meditation. If you can, find a spot somewhere in nature. However, this is a great meditation for a morning practice or any time you want to feel grounded:

1. Imagine two cords traveling from beneath your feet to the center of the Earth. Through the soil, through the many layers of rock, earth, fire, and into the womb of the Earth.

2. Anchor the cords into the Earth.

3. With every exhale, feel the red energy of the Earth rise up through the cords into your body.

4. Give the energy a color, a texture, a feeling: sticky blood, smooth mercury. This will help it land in your body and allow the sensation to increase.

5. ALLOW it into your whole body.

6. Rest for a moment and feel the sensation of orgasmic earth energy in your body…tingling, buzzing, throbbing… Energy flows where attention goes, so focus your attention on one part of your body to experiment with the sensation increasing there.

7. Offer yourself to Mother Gaia in your own words. Thank her for being your foundation, your anchor and home. Breathe into the connection with her, joining heart, womb and feet. You are a part of her and she a part of you.

8. Now open your eyes, and focus on a tree. Soften your gaze until it becomes slightly blurry. Start to see the aura of the tree, the energy field surrounding it. Be patient. Follow the field of the tree in its expansion outwards.

9. See or visualize a silver white thread or web extending outward from the tree and interlacing with all you see.

If you have gone deep during the meditation, reawaken by rubbing the palms of your hands over your eyes, and then rub your ear lobes. This moves energy throughout your system.

Practice running this red energy through your body and building a strong cord with the center of the Earth daily.  Pretty soon you will be able to ‘run red’, any time you need in a split second. Be mindful of how you connect to her. When we give to Mother Earth instead of just taking, we allow for a relationship to grow and she opens up to us fully. Bring her offerings of love, and prayers to show her that you care.

Midwives used ritual and sound to open up the gateways in between worlds. See if you can find your own way of straddling the dimensions, to open up the Earth’s portals and receive her messages.

Grandmother Spider weaves the web of life from her womb. Like her, we can forge connection to all that is, feeling intricately alive within this web. We can bring everything we need to ourselves. Abundance, joy, and an inner knowing to fulfill us for the rest of our days.

The key is to be present to the Earth in a sacred way. I invite you to remain enchanted with everything you see, just like a child; knowing that the soul of the world is fully alive and you are never alone.