Jul 20, 2016

Awaken Your Creativity

Orgasm. Not as in Climax, but as in the life force that runs through everything. It is like a secret fire within us. And once the fire is ignited, it has the power to wake everything up: our intuition, our creativity, even our genius.

All orgasmic practice, in essence, is a process of alchemy. Wherein our orgasm — our kundalini — is the heat that transforms; while our body is the container that holds that transformation.

The purpose of alchemy is to transform one substance into another. By burning off the dross, or the negativity of a substance, a pure substance remains or is created. To be steeped in orgasm feels like electricity running through your entire system. All the previously frayed connections light up like bulbs on a grid.

The secret to increasing your orgasmic potential boils down to one thing – presence.

Listen to what both your body and your environment communicate. You are constantly receiving messages from your surroundings. The more you practice the alchemy of orgasm, the clearer channel you will become to receive the truth in any given situation. Stand still and open up all your senses. What do you see, hear, and feel?

When you are able to implement this same sense of presence that nature teaches us, your sensing and feeling will grow so much that all your powers of intuition will be honed:

>> You will be able to ‘know’ things from the signals your body is giving you and perceive things from your environment way off in the distance.

>> Your creativity will be enhanced; knowing with pinpoint precision which color, word, texture or light ‘feels’ right. Following the highest sensation is always a good way to know where your creative impulse is beckoning you.

>> Finally, and maybe most importantly, you will become a resonant being. Resonating with your environment means that you can move with the instincts of a wild animal. You can make yourself as big as a tower or as invisible as a shadow. You can guide, direct, influence everything that surrounds you. By virtue of resonance, anything can be willed into shape.

You may find that as your intuition grows, so will your oracular powers. As an oracle, you receive messages from the anima mundi, from the ‘ensouled’ and enchanted world around you. Your genius, the brilliance that inspires your life design to unfold most naturally, will flow from you. Entire worlds will open up to you.

The Earth, the plant kingdom, the animal and human world are always talking to us – if only we can be present enough to tune in and trust what is being offered.

The more your orgasm awakens, the more the fire within increases. Learn to channel its potency through your heart and ground it in the earth…and your creativity will grow.

I love to channel my orgasm into creating things. As a filmmaker I employ the tools of desire, sensation, attention, and resonance, into everything that I do. I gain the capacity to see beyond the “3D world” into other subtle dimensions that keep my inspiration going. My orgasm illuminates the authentic truth of any situation, so I can better serve in my chosen art form.

Your orgasm is your unique essence. How you co-create with your surroundings every day. It holds a particular brand of medicine that has been within you all along. Medicine to transform all of your creative endeavors.

My orgasm is wild, smooth, deep and earthy. It rises from the Earth like magic ivy cloaking everything with sparkling golden light and magnetizing even the whispers in the wind. It tastes like the turquoise ocean and smells like roses and cloves.

My medicine is bringing out your wild magic and your truth, making it impossible for you to escape from your authentic self.

Take the time to get to know yourself, by learning and expanding in your orgasm. It’s the most radical thing you can do. And it holds the medicine that is your gift to share with this world.

Spend a moment now, tuning in to your body. Can you begin to feel…what is your medicine?